1-click menu planning

We present the World's first 1-click menu planning webite application based on your DNA.

  • Simple but powerful tool for your DNA based menu planning
  • Select your goal (weight loss or weight retention) and click the generate button!
  • Adjust your menus by changing foods based on your preference from our rich food database.
  • Discover how many vitamins and minerals does your menu provide and learn if you have met your daily requirements

Order your DNA test today and access our powerful 1-click menu planner!

Plans & Pricing

Access your DNA reports online.

You can now view the results of your DNA tests in our new interactive online form.

Know your daily nutrient requirements.

The DNA test Premium analyzes and gives personalized recommendations for daily intake of most important vitamins and minerals.

What are the best ratios for me?

Discover what is the optimal ratio of your daily caloric intake between carbohydrates, proteins and fats - one of the most important factors when selecting your weight loss diet.

Use our 1-click menu planner.

Use our powerful yet simple online tool to create your daily menus.

How can you plan your healthy and DNA personalized daily menus and weight loss plans?

Our menu planner is a very powerful yet simple to use tool. It was developed by professional dietitians with a single goal: to provide an application for menu planning that is easy to use users without any experience with diet planning without losing the benefits provided by complex menu planning programs used by dietitians.

How is the menu planner tailored to you?

When preparing your daily menus with 1 click, our menu planning application takes into account this information:

  • the results of your genetic analysis (DNA tests Slim and Premium),
  • your personal information (weight, height, age, your activity level, etc.),
  • your goal (weight loss or weight retention),
  • your desired energy intake.

About the meals and menus prepared by our application:

We have taken our unique and proprietary system for the preparation of personalized menus based on DNA and created an application that can be used by everyone. The menus generated by our application follow the guidelines for a balanced and healthy diet and the foods composing your meals are distributed so that you get the right nutrients at the right time of your busy day. Because we should have a 5 meal daily menu, our application automatically considers that as well. All menus and recommended nutrient intakes are adapted to your genetic test results and are therefore completely personalized.

How to use the menu planning application?

There are several options on how to use the menu planner:

1-click menu planning

This is the easiest way to prepare your daily menu plans. First select your desired goal (weight loss, weight retention, custom), insert your energy intake and press “Generate my menu”. In just seconds, the menu planner will prepare your daily menu consisting of 5 meals. 

1-click with small changes based on your food preference

First use the 1-click menu planning and then replace foods based on your preference with a rich selection of foods from our database. You can also adjust the quantities and enjoy the graphical presentation of how many vitamins and minerals your menu provides.

Fully customized menu planning

Just click on the “Add food” icon and the food database will appear on your left. From there you can drag and drop desired foods in your meals. This mode can also be used to insert what you have eaten already and see how many vitamins and minerals you have consumed.

Beautiful and informative graphical presentations

While preparing your perfect menu plan, our application always displays how you are reaching your goals.

Food groups

This column helps you understand macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) better and therefore translates it into Food group units (fruits, vegetables, starch foods, meat, dairy products, fats and sugar), where for example one unit of fruits is one small apple.


This column displays how many vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients does your menu provide and how far you are from your goal. You can easily switch your goals between the general recommendations (such as RDA, DACH) and the recommendations based on your DNA test Premium.

Personalize your meals to your food preferences

Remove or replace foods with drag and drop feature

It is very simple to change foods in your entire daily menu or in just some of your daily meals. You can remove foods or entire meals (by default, our application prepares 5 meals for a day) by clicking the X button and drag and drop foods into your menu.

Save your favourite meals or the entire daily menu

Saving your favourite meal or the entire menu is very simple. You can also give it a name and always view it later under the “Saved menus” tab in our application.

Food characteristics

You can always see to which food group certain food belongs (dairy products, fruits, …) and which vitamins and minerals does it contain. You can also see the quantities in units or switch the display to grams.

Rich food selection

Easy to find and add to your menu

Search for your favorite foods by typing in the search box or browse the food by clicking on a food group you would like to select from. When you have found your food, just drag and drop it in your menu. The food list and search tool is always available on the left side of your screen (it appears when you move your mouse to the left edge of your screen).

Food database

We have hand-picked and prepared a list of almost 200 popular foods and beverages you can choose from and they also contain information about vitamins, minerals and other compounds found in them (we have used the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference data).

How to start using your menu planning application?


To help you start using our menu planning application we have also prepared a help wizzard that can always be turned ON or OFF. It will show and explain what certain graphical representations or elements of our application mean or do and how to use them.

Please note that the menu planning application prepares your menu so that it fits your daily energy requirements and macronutrients ratios (carbs, proteins, fats). It also displays how you are reaching your micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) goals, but it does not prepare a menu that would fit them. The reason lies in a fact, that it is almost impossible to meet all your daily vitamin and mineral requirements with your food intake. Therefore you can for example focus on getting enough Calcium and Vitamin D for your bone health on Mondays, vitamins B and folic acid for cardiovascular health on Tuesdays etc. or supplement your healthy nutrition by purchasing vitamin and mineral supplements in your store or pharmacy.

How will your DNA test results look like?

All DNA test reports will now be available through our interactive website. This way you can easily browse through your results, follow interesting links and always have access to your results.

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Your DNA test results will now come in an interactive form and can be accessed from anywhere you are and have an internet connection.

We have retained the same rich and descriptive content, but made it available in a more interesting way including the use of our 1-click menu planning application.



With the introduction of our online DNA test reports, we have discontinued the printed version. With that we were able to lower our prices by up to 25% (our most popular service DNA tests Premium+Slim is now only 299 EUR instead of 399 EUR). We will be updating the website content where it applies to the printed version soon.

Start your DNA personalized nutrition now!

DNA test Slim for weight loss will provide you with menus and shopping cart, tailored to your genes and help you reach a slim and healthy figure! Works even for those who in the past have not had success with popular diets and other weight management plans. A detailed description of DNA test Slim >>

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Quality assurance

Quality assurance

LifeGenetics DNA tests are at present the most professional and credible nutrigenomic analyses carried out in Europe. Laboratory DNA testing is performed in United Kingdom.

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Worldwide shipping

We offer worldwide shipping with reasonable costs from 12 € per DNA test. We accept payments from Paypal, Credit Cards and Direct Bank transfer.

Support for our services

Support for our services

Our friendly and expert support is available for any questions and additional support on the use of DNA test results.

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Your privacy is guaranteed

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