The Company

Genelitik Ltd. is a biotechnology company developing personalized genetic services for broad market. The product range of Genelitik is represented by the brand name LifeGenetics and consists of services helping individuals to find the optimal nutritional and lifestyle choices in order to prevent possible illnesses and achieve well-being based on their personal genetic information.

The LifeGenetics partner network consists of several well-known and successful companies. Among other things, we have been involved in successful collaboration with companies such as Neocelica, the first stem cell banking company in Slovenia, Medis and the trade mark Ekolostrum, Omega, which specializes in the fields of chemical analysis and molecular biology and many others.

Genelitik has received many awards from experts in the field as well as in various innovation and entrepreneurial competitions.



The combination of knowledge in biotechnology and genetics enables us to learn about human cell nuclei, where the information that can be used on people’s behalf is stored. Advanced research and innovation monitoring allows us to achieve our central idea of creating recommendations for healthier life and well-being.



Our vision is to become the market leader in the field of prevention and healthy lifestyle. We will achieve this by offering a comprehensive range of services, aimed at learning about individuals’ genetic background and improving their nutrition habits and lifestyle.



We provide a professional approach to work and collaborate with the best experts in the field of nutrigenomics.

We strive for excellence in both the service and customer satisfaction.

Our services are developed with a high degree of innovation, monitoring global trends and actively looking for new solutions.

We pledge that we act ethically and responsively when designing new services and formulating personalized recommendations.


Employee care

»Employees are given opportunity for business, professional and personal growth«

Satisfied employees are a key factor in securing quality and successful business. We believe that investing in knowledge and development of our employees adds value to the company, as they are who facilitate and enhance long-term business and brand growth.

We ensure conditions for a transparent information flow, education and general well-being of our employees. We have established an organizational culture that encourages initiative and innovation of employees and allows them to co-create the LifeGenetics brand.

Together with the employees we maintain an effective and responsible working environment that supports teamwork and rewards successful individuals.

We believe in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Equal opportunities are given to all people regardless of their gender, race, color, age, health condition or disability, religion, political or other beliefs, trade union membership, national or social origin, family status, property status, sexual orientation or other personal circumstances.

We provide employees with a safe working environment.


Environmental protection

»We save energy, recycle waste and educate«

We are aware that the current state of the environment is a result and a consequence of many pressures on the environment that are a reflection of human action. We strive to establish work ethics that will contribute to environmental protection as much as possible.

Our main objectives in the field of environmental protection are:

  • economical use of energy, raw materials and natural resources;
  • waste recycling and waste disposal reduction;
  • prevention of environmental pollution;
  • substitution of hazardous substances with less hazardous ones;
  • education of co-workers on opportunities of personal contribution to reducing environmental pollution.


Job positions

We are a fast growing and ambitious company.

We are open to new challenges and opportunities.

We are always looking for people who understand the future of personal genetics and personalized services.

We welcome everyone with the knowledge and desire to work in the field of genetics, nutrition, web development, information technology, marketing and business.

Your application along with curriculum vitae, statement of a preferred job position and a motivational letter should be sent to the following e-mail:

Current jobs

* we are currently not looking for any new team members.

If you would like to register in our database of candidates, send your CV and motivation letter to with subject: “sign in the database of candidates,” and the name of your preferred job position.

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