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Keeping abreast of international research

LifeGenetics services are advanced, reliable, accurate and user-friendly. You will be taken care of by a team of highly qualified and internationally renowned experts in genetics, biochemistry, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences and nutrition, who, in order to provide the best service, have considered only the most reliable and statistically relevant research findings that have been published in internationally recognized scientific publications.

A team of renowned experts and colleagues

The improvement of LifeGenetics services requires continuous development and monitoring of relevant research. Our experienced team of experts in genetics, biochemistry, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences and nutrition will ensure service quality and reliability,… Our colleagues and consultants are recognized experts in their respective fields:

PhD. Mateja Bedenčič, head of R&D at LifeGenetics

Mateja is a biologist with great passion for genetics. In 2005, she graduated from ethology at the Department of Biology, Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. Her research background continued with working as a researcher at the Clinical Department of Angiology at the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana, where she was stationed in hemostatic laboratory focused on the genetics of vascular diseases and pharmacogenetics. She perfected her expertise at the University of Ferrara, Italy, where she was involved in research work in the laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In 2010, at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, she successfully presented her doctoral thesis in the field of molecular biology and biochemistry.

Her work at LifeGenetics is primarily focused on nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, genetics of complex diseases with multifactorial, poligenetic mode of inheritance and genetics of sports. She is responsible for the development and improvement of nutrigenomic services and technical support  for partners and customers. Her great desire is to bring genetics to people, also with workshops and lectures throughout the world.


Prof. PhD. Marjan Simčič, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana

He was born in Postojna (Slovenia) in 1960. He acquired his first PhD in the field of nutrition at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana, and his second PhD in the field of nutrition biotechnology at the University in Udine.

He completed specializations at institutions: Centre of Postharvest Technology – Bologna, Dept. of Food Science and Technology – Udine, Department of Food Tech. and Nutritional Sciences – Netherlands Holland…

He is a lecturer for undergraduate and postgraduate study programs at Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. He actively cooperates in researches and development of nutrition products and is a member of Slovenian Nutrition Society and Italian Food Technology Association.


Prof. Dr. Miodrag Stojković, Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe

He was born in Leskovac (Serbia) in 1964. He holds a PhD from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich. After the studies he explored animal stem cells. He followed his desire for researching human stem cells and moved to England. There he joined The Institute of Human Genetics, Fertility Institute at and Newcastle University. As the first European citizen he soon cloned human embryo cells and became a Deputy Director of the Centre for Stem Cell Biology and Development Genetics.

Since 2006 he has been serving as a Deputy Director and Head of Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory, Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe in Valencia, Spain.



Dr. Nataša Toplak, Omega Ltd.

She was born in Maribor (Slovenia) in 1974. She holds a PhD from interdisciplinary study at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. She is employed in the Omega Ltd., where she works as an expert and supports the users of modern molecular methods. She is actively participating in projects in the field of agronomics, microbiology and optimization and development of new molecular techniques.




Dr. Polonca Štefanič

She was born in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 1979. She graduated from the nutrition technology. She holds a PhD at the Biotechnical Faculty, Ljubljana in biological and biotechnological sciences. She continued studies in Vienna, within the scholarship project CEEPUS, where she cooperated in the project of lactic acid bacteria at the BOKU University. At the University of Veterinary Medicine she worked in the field of molecular biology of pathogenic bacteria. In her doctoral thesis, which she was writing also at foreign educational institutions (New York, Florence), she focused on studying of gene polymorphism, writing down the system for recognition of communication of bacteria Bacillus subtilis.



Franko Krbavčič Bandelj, Dr. Med., Izola General Hospital – Department for Anaesthesiology

He was born in Koper (Slovenia) in 1971. He graduated at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana. He specialized in anesthesiology and works as an anesthesiologist in Izola General Hospital. He actively cooperates in transferring methodologies of first aid and pain-killing treatment.

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