Our partners

Operating in a global and competitive environment is very dynamic and requires constant change. Industry, in which Genelitik operates, is due to rapid development even more exposed to those trends. Therefore relations with partners are of utmost importance for the company’s success. We successfully cooperate with our partners:


Terme Krka (spa, wellness and health centers) with their quality and professional services help their guests to live a healthier life. Their basic mission is pursued through professional and personal approach. The company Terme Krka includes: Terme Dolenjske Toplice, Terme Šmarješke Toplice, Talaso Strunjan, Otočec Hotels, Golf Otočec and Hotel Krka.

Neocelica is an exclusive partner of Cryo-Save Group, the leading bank for storing stem cells in Europe and the first Slovenian company in the field of stem cell storage. The company offers parents to store stem cells from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue at their children’s birth.

Medis is a pharmaceutical company that, with carefully selected and proven medicines, nutritional supplements and medical equipment, supplies the markets of Central and Southeastern Europe. Ekolostrum is a trademark of Medis, and represents a product that is a rich source of valuable immune and growth factors and priceless treasure of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

ZRS is a research centre that is part of the University of Primorska (UP). In addition to operating in domestic and foreign development projects, they also participate in education, publishing and counseling.

Omega Ltd. is a successful representative of Perkin Elmer and Applied Biosystems, international leading companies in the field of chemistry analytics and molecular biology. Their experts are also very successful in researching, developing, counseling and education in the above mentioned and other fields.

University Incubator of Primorska is an environment that guarantees favorable conditions for start-up companies. It encourages and promotes entrepreneurship culture and helps founding knowledge-based companies among young people, students, professors, researchers, and others.

Ljubljana University Incubator is an organization that helps to establish and develop new companies. LUI is a part of the University of Ljubljana and it encourages innovativeness and offers environment with favorable conditions for transferring knowledge and new technologies into the economy.


Why become a partner?

The trend of personal approach

With a growing proportion of so called ‘sophisticated consumers’, there is a noticeable increase in demand for individually tailored solutions and services that emphasize personal approach. The reasons lie in the technological advances of recent years, which allow this shift to personalization (in particular the progress in genetics and nutrigenomics) and to a growing concern for healthy living, which is reflected in an increasing demand for healthier nutrition.

LifeGenetics services follow this trend of personalization. Each report takes into account the individual’s specific needs, set by his genes and is completely personalized. Personalized dietary recommendations, based on information, retrieved from a given genetic picture, may differ significantly from the generally accepted dietary recommendations for persons of the same age and sex, and therefore represent a significant advance and upgrade of existing services in the field of health, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.


An increasing emphasis on health and healthy life

Never in the history of human kind have we ever dedicated so much time and attention to health and healthy living. Most of the world is faced with health problems, from diseases, related to obesity, to a variety of genetic birth diseases. Although humans have 99.9% identical genetic material, it is that 0.1% that is essential for our health. Due to these minimal differences in the genome, people need different amounts of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. In addition, we react differently to environmental influences and certain treatments. In this respect, nutrigenomics is an important element of providing quality, comprehensive and personalized solutions for healthy living and lifestyle.


An added value to your existing services

Including LifeGenetics products in your existing offer will add value to the quality and enable you to upgrade the quality and expertise of your services. With information, retrieved from a single DNA test, you will be able to prepare a more comprehensive and detailed recommendations and a personalized program, tailored to your customer’s specific needs.


Training and professional support in selling LifeGenetics products

We hope that the nature of our cooperation is focused on long-term and successful business relationship, so advice and support from our experts is always at your service.

Each partner receives introductory course and all additional material you may need for an easy start. We also prepare additional promotional materials and content for brochures. For any questions and advice you can reach us by phone or in person every day of the week.


What do we offer?

  • Attractive, scientifically proven and award-winning services in the field of nutrigenetic testing
  • High flexibility – due to our own development, our services and products can to a large extent be adapted to the wishes and needs of our partners
  • Professional expert and marketing support in the introduction of products and services on your market and to your existing customers
  • Proven and successful business model suitable for expansion into new markets and market segments and highest capacities due to our proprietary automated and scalable IT system
  • Highest quality of services and products with high sales potential and competitive pricing
  • Based on your company profile we offer country or region exclusive partnership, non-exclusive distribution partnership, on-line affiliate partnership, white-labeling with customized branding, content, etc.


How do I become a partner?

Step 1: Contact

Contact us for cooperation at or telephone number + 386 8 205 36 91. We are particularly interested in potential partners in the field of wellness and nutritional counseling and cooperation with fitness and beauty studios as well as to regional and country specific distributors with established distribution and marketing channels.

Step 2: Choosing a form of partnership

Taking into account the nature of our cooperation, the next step is to specify this partnership and sign a cooperation agreement.

Step 3: Training

Before the selling of LifeGenetics products begins, a professional training is obligatory, as in this training you will gain knowledge and receive materials, necessary for a successful work. With the completion of a formal education you become a certified LifeGenetics partner for sales and promotion of LifeGenetics services.

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