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Genelitik Ltd. is a biotechnology company developing personalized genetic services for broad market. The product range of Genelitik is represented by the brand name LifeGeneticsTM and consists of services helping individuals to find the optimal nutritional and lifestyle choices in order to prevent possible illnesses and achieve well-being based on their personal genetic information.

The company has been working closely with prominent experts in the field of genetics, medicine, nutrition and others. After almost two years the team of more than 15 individuals has finished the development of our first service. It was successfully launched in March 2010. Currently the range of LifeGenetics services includes LifeGenetics Premium, a DNA test for prevention and life quality improvement, LifeGenetics Slim, a test for healthy dieting and LifeGenetics Baby, a DNA test for children.
About LifeGenetics services

LifeGenetics Premium Analysis is a book about an individual that is personalized based on their genetic profile. On more than 80 pages, it reveals the role of individual’s genetic variations on 7 health areas and suggests the appropriate nutrition and lifestyle choices that should help prevent illnesses, improve health and overall well-being. The service is based on the laboratory analysis of 70 genetic variations (polymorphisms) that are scientifically proven to be important for analyzed health areas. For each health area, customer is guided through our findings. The most important part of the report analyzes individual’s daily needs for various »health factors« (vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, lactose, pollutants, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine) and is called an action plan. Those factors play important role in our everyday life and knowing if we need higher levels of certain vitamins or minerals may help us prevent many illnesses.

LifeGenetics Slim is a personal nutritional handbook for losing weight based on individual’s genetic map. The analysis looks at genes that are important for energy consumption, fats and glucose regulation, the process of fats accumulation in the body, fatty cells metabolism, the choice of right exercise type etc. Recent studies have shown that losing weight based on DNA analysis results in 2-3 times higher weight loss. Therefore LifeGenetics Slim Analysis is focused on weight management that will help clients achieve healthy constitution and better self-consciousness by tailoring their nutrition and lifestyle choices based on DNA.
LifeGenetics Baby analysis is mainly focused on prevention and nutrition advice for children. It analyses child’s DNA and suggests personalized advice on the child’s nutrition and lifestyle based on the analysis of several important health areas in the infancy. The report reveals a child’s lactose, fructose and gluten metabolism, his/hers body detoxification ability, calcium and vitamin D metabolism (important for bone and teeth health), salt sensitivity and what type of physical activity suits best matches child’s genetic code.


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