Quality of services

A comprehensive analysis of the most important genetic variations

LifeGenetics DNA analyses are at present the most professional and credible nutrigenomic analyses carried out in Europe, and by examining as many as 80 generic variations, are the most extensive DNA analyses in the world. The number of genetic variations investigated typically consists of between 5 to 24 genetic variations, which is only a small proportion of those examined in the LifeGenetics Premium product.


High success rate in obtaining results of genetic analysis

We conduct the analyses in collaboration with laboratories recognized for carrying out genetic analyses and implement procedures to deliver the highest quality of service. Compared to related technologies that achieve a 61% success rate in genetic analysis, technologies used in the preparation of LifeGenetics products achieve an amazing 94% success rate in genetic analysis. The success of genetic analysis depends largely on the quality of the DNA sample obtained, so we advise our clients to give a sample on an empty stomach.

LifeGenetics genetic reports are based on laboratory test results of genetic material prepared by recognized laboratories, and on the basis of personal characteristics and other submitted information. We then strive for comprehensive and high-quality final recommendations.


Analysis, consulting, personalized dietary guidelines and action plan

LifeGenetics services do not merely consist of a routine DNA analysis, but offer individuals personalized recommendations and an action plan that will guide you toward increased well being and a healthier lifestyle.
The LifeGenetics approach advocates a professional and user-friendly search for optimal solutions for healthy eating and a quality lifestyle. We convert complex analysis and scientific findings into an understandable and usable action plan with recommendations that will help an individual understand his/her genetic particularities. Our expertise and dedication to quality have guided us in the development of our products as well as the provision of support and counseling services.


Recommendations which, in addition to genetic information, also take into account environmental factors

For preparing personalized recommendations we also take into account environmental factors which, in addition to genetic information, are very important in the delivery of high quality and comprehensive interpretations.

Genetic and environmental information is reflected in the phenotypic characteristics of an individual (i.e. an individual’s ability to function, physical illness, bodily structure, etc.). The weights of genetic and environmental factors in different investigated areas vary; in some cases the genes affect as much as 90% of characteristics, while the environment affects just 10%; in other cases, the ratio is reversed. Consequently, an analysis based solely on genetic factors without taking into account environmental ones could lead to misinterpretation and misunderstanding.
LifeGenetics personalized recommendations take into account both areas: environmental factors and an individual’s genetic predispositions. In this way, we provide a high quality and comprehensive understanding of how your body functions.


Analysis of scientifically recognized DNA regions

We analyze only those DNA regions that are recognized by the scientific literature and identified as the most relevant in extensive international research. Interpretations of these analyses are based on the latest scientific research published in high impact journals.


Use of high-quality and proven technology

We are well aware that high-precision and qualitative analysis of your DNA is required in order to achieve relevant and useful results. That is why LifeGenetics services use proven technologies to provide high quality analysis and accurate results.

The genetic testing procedure is carried out in a laboratory in collaboration with globally renowned pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Avon, as well as renowned universities (Strasbourg University Louis Pasteur, University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, Institute for Cancer Research, University of Sheffield, etc.). Their methodology has been used in extensive research whose findings have been published in reputable international journals such as Nature, Nature Genetics, Diabetes, Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, American Journal of Medical Genetics, etc. The laboratory is distinguished by its high expertise, quick response time and the use of modern technologies.

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