With the introduction of our online DNA test reports, we have discontinued the printed version. With that we were able to lower our prices by up to 25% (our most popular service DNA tests Premium+Slim is now only 299 EUR instead of 399 EUR). We will be updating the website content where it applies to the printed version soon. Please see how we will deliver your results here.

DNA test Baby for health and prevention

Improve your child's well being and health by tailoring nutrition and lifestyle to his or hers DNA!

  • DNA test for 7 of most important health areas
  • Find what is right for your child's body - why cure if you can prevent?
  • Prevent most common diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other

Provide your child a healthy life!

279€ Plans & Pricing

Did you know that 80% of premature heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented?

Risk factors for those diseases are unhealthy diet, obesity, high blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, physical inactivity and tobacco. All of those risk factors among others are analyzed by the DNA test Baby.

Simple DNA testing procedure

The DNA testing is easy and painless. LifeGenetics genetic analysis only requires a sample of swab using a DNA collection kit.

Did you child have problems with health before?

Why not keep them healthy with simple but important lifestyle changes? Learn which health area (heart, veins, bones, detoxification (cancers), insuline regulation (diabetes), ...) is vital for them because of their inherited genetic makeup!

Do you have problems choosing what your child should eat?

There are so many general recommendations on what is healthy, which vitamin and mineral will help you solve all health problems, etc...But is that truly for your child? Did it help before? A simple DNA test can help find the optimal nutrition!

Prevent most common diseases of the modern world: diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and other!

The DNA test LifeGenetics Baby offers a genetic analysis of most important genetic variants linked with the leading causes of mortaility in the world. By knowing the inherited genetic makeup of your child we can provide personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that will help prevent or delay diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and others.

What will you get by ordering your DNA test Baby for personalized and healthy preventive nutrition?

A fully comprehensive DNA analysis report with a beautiful design, containing a healthy and permanent plan on more than 80 pages, personalized to your child's DNA and other factors. Learn all about the DNA test Baby and what it contains below!

I often wondered what was best for my body: what food, what activity suits me best, did my body lack anything and what should I eat and do to feel good and be healthy? But I never got a real answer. I have tried and tested various things, activities, types of diets, taken various dietary supplements such as vitamins and minerals, but never with confidence that I was doing the right thing.

I am excited with my DNA test results because now I know where I need to be careful and how to eat in the future. I have to increase the intake of calcium and vitamin D, which means that I need to eat some cheese, yogurt or an egg over a week, and often resort to fish, such as herring, salmon and sardines. All this because my DNA test showed that I have certain genes that may affect my bone metabolism and thus contribute to the reduction of bone mass. With an incorrect diet I could be more vulnerable to such problems.

The DNA analysis is very broad and very easy to understand and I could talk about it on and on…

Anja Križnik Tomažin, Actress

Preventive plan for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, osteoporosis and other conditions.

A comprehensive insight into  specific needs of your child’s body based on the DNA test.

We are all 99.9% the same. Using the DNA test Baby we can examine and interpret the 0.1% of genes that make us unique. To ensure a quality and comprehensive genetic analysis we look into as many as 70 genetic variants, which makes it the most extensive nutrigenomic DNA test in the world. Unlike for routine DNA tests, LifeGenetics experts, in addition to the analysis, also prepare for you expert interpretations of the obtained test results, which you will receive in the easily understandable and usable form of an action plan and personalized recommendations.

Nutrigenomics or nutrigenetics – the science about nutrition personalized to genetic profile

The branch of science which studies the relationship between nutrition and genetics is known as nutritional genomics, or nutrigenomics. It explains what effect nutrients have on a person and helps understand which foods to choose for a long, healthy and vital life. By taking this approach we can achieve optimum nutrition and satisfy the individual needs of each one of us – the most important factors in disease prevention.

Action plan to use the given genetic makeup to your child's advantage.

No more questions about what your child should eat

In the action plan you will learn which vitamins and minerals play a significant role for the health and well being of your child’s body. For example you will learn if their body needs 10-times more vitamins B and folic acid in order to compensate for genetically induced metabolic disorder that does not excrete homocistein from their blood and can in a long term cause brain stroke, venal thrombosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

The DNA test analyzes and gives personalized recommendations for daily intake (compared to RDA) on these vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Folic Acid
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Coenzime Q10
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Cholesterol

Any concern that the DNA test results of your child might not be good or give you "bad results" is completely unnecessary.

We provide only the information on the basis of which you can take appropriate action. The purpose of the DNA test Baby is not to look for ‘bad’ genetic predispositions, but rather a DNA analysis and interpretation of those genetic variants that allow you to use your child’s genetic profile to his or hers advantage, thus improving overall well-being and lifestyle.

Analysis and interpretation of genes that significantly affect your child's health and well being.

A comprehensive DNA test of the most important genetic variants with high impact on your child’s life.

DNA test Baby reveals an individual’s daily nutritional needs and lifestyle factors. It reveals their lack or imbalance, and determines how these factors might affect the seven key health areas. These in turn can trigger various conditions such as high blood pressure, heart attack occurrence, stroke, osteoporosis or diabetes. Therefore, appropriate nutrition plays a key role in successful disease prevention.

The results are presented in four chapters.

An Action plan with diet and lifestyle recommendations, tailored to your child’s unique DNA profile, represents the discussion section of the Baby report. The report also includes nutritional tables that contain a detailed list of nutrients, food items and lifestyle factors, including portion sizes and recommendations that correspond to an individual’s genetic code. All information is collected into a separate summary, which you can always keep right at your fingertips.

Start discovering your child's DNA with DNA test Baby!

279€ Plans & Pricing

DNA test Baby focuses on seven key health areas:

1. Cardiovascular system (heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke...)

In this chapter, the DNA test helps determine risk factors for cardiovascular disease – we can use this data to prepare appropriate measures that can prevent or at least delay the onset of disease.

We investigate the genes involved in metabolic pathways during the remethylation of homocysteine to cysteine. Homocysteine is commonly included among the major risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease, so it is important to determine its potential to accumulate at the genetic level. The reason for an elevated homocysteine level in the blood may be inadequate nutrition or genetic variants that reduce the activity of enzymes necessary to remove it efficiently from your child’s blood. Lower your child’s homocysteine levels by preparing the right foods and/or taking dietary supplements containing vitamins B12, B6 and folic acid.

2. Fats and sugars (type II diabetes, obesity, ...)

In this chapter, the DNA test reveals your child’s body ability to regulate glucose metabolism and regulate insulin, and about what measures are necessary to prevent the onset of diabetes.

Fat metabolism is a very complex process, involving more than 100 genes. In this chapter we are trying to find out how an individual metabolizes some types of fatty acids, and how fats are stored in the body, released, etc. A more appropriate diet and adequate physical exercise can help reduce body fat percentage and contribute to better health.

3. Intolerances (lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance - Coeliac disease)

In this chapter, the DNA test identifies variants of genes involved in lactose and gluten metabolism (Coeliac disease) and can thus determine whether your child’s body is able to digest them or not.

In the event that lactose or gluten intolerance is confirmed, test results will be followed by appropriate dietary recommendations to relieve or prevent the negative effects on health.

4. Substances and addictions (caffeine and nicotine metabolism)

In this chapter, the DNA test reveals how your child’s body breaks down substances such as nicotine and caffeine and about specific measures aimed at reducing the risk of heart attack.

People with different versions of the genes digest caffeine differently. For people who metabolize caffeine more slowly, drinking caffeinated beverages may increase heart attack risk. The opposite is true for people with a fast metabolism. In this chapter, we analyze body’s ability to metabolize caffeine and nicotine. Why is this important? Because most of the popular beverages such as sodas contain a lot of caffeine.

Expert advice on the use of results of genetic analysis.

We are here for you! After we have completed the DNA testing, our experts will be available for additional clarification or answers to any questions you may have. They will provide advice and support to help you take your first steps toward a healthier lifestyle of your child.

5. Bone health (osteoporosis, ...)

Osteoporosis and other bone diseases are a complex phenomenon where genetic information is intertwined with environmental influences.

In this chapter the DNA test identifies variants of genes that have a greater influence on the development of bone problems and prepare recommendations that can help alleviate or eliminate them.

Based on the results of genetic analysis we will determine if your child has certain versions of genes that could cause bone metabolism problems and thus significantly contribute to a reduction in bone mass. We will determine daily requirements of calcium and vitamin D. Research has shown that poor nutrition and lifestyle add to the risk of bone problems in people carrying specific variants of genes. By incorporating good diet and lifestyle recommendations, you can improve your child’s bone health at any stage in their life.

Ready to start a healthy lifestyle?

Tailor your child’s nutrition and lifestyle to his or hers inherited genetic makeup with a simple DNA test. Improve well-being, energy, metabolism and avoid diseases that can be prevented in more than 80% of the cases!

LifeGenetics Premium gave me what I needed to balance my own body. With its help, I have understood what was good for my body, while the recommendations confirmed my suspicions of what foods I can’t digest very well. I also take these recommendations as a warning about what to avoid in the long run. Above all, I now know which minerals I need in order to conserve energy, which significantly affects my quality of life.

Jure Mikuz, asset manager

6. Physical activity (muscular potential and cramps, choosing the right physical activity)

In this chapter the DNA test identifies focuses on genes related to metabolism and muscular potential. You will find out about your child’s muscular potential and what type of physical exercise best suits your child’s genetic profile.

Humans are born with different levels of muscular strength and endurance. We can further exploit this potential through exercise.

In this chapter, we especially aim to determine the difference between aerobic and anaerobic muscular efficiency and prepare appropriate physical activity recommendations. In addition, we also investigate the potential for muscle cramps due to a genetic predisposition. In the event that such potential is found, we make appropriate recommendations.

7. Detoxification ability of your child's body (body protection from cancers and toxins, ...)

The DNA test will reveal your child’s body ability to detoxify harmful substances from the environment.

People react differently to pesticides, exhaust gases, industrial waste, cigarette smoke and other similar substances. Here we aim to determine how some poisons affect the body, what are the recommended measures, and which harmful substances your child should particularly avoid.

Dietary and lifestyle recommendations, as demanded by your genes.

One size does not fit all!

We analyze those genetic variants which reputable scientific studies have shown to have a significant impact on the metabolic pathways of the body. This means that we digest certain substances or nutrients (caffeine, nicotine, calcium, vitamin B, etc.) poorly/well, and therefore some measures are required. When making interpretations we take into account studies which were carried out using a large sample (thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of people) and were therefore found to be statistically significant.

Each DNA test LifeGenetics is prepared and printed out only for the person being tested and is therefore completely personalized. General guidelines for a healthy lifestyle are not equally suitable for everyone. Unlike traditional healthy living methods which refer to general dietary guidelines, the DNA test Baby reveals your child’s genetic particularities and tells you what type of diet is most appropriate for his or hers genetic makeup.

Who will benefit from the DNA test Baby?

Parents who:

1. Want to prevent most important common diseases of their child

By knowing your child’s inherited genetic makeup we can provide personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that will help prevent or delay diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and others.

2. Care about their child’s health and wellbeing

Every person is unique and therefore needs unique nutrition and lifestyle. Let the DNA test Baby show your child’s individual genetic characteristics and implications on his or hers health and wellbeing.

3. Experience a lot of stress and feel the need to make a change in their own and their childrens’ lifestyle

Stress accompanied with irregular nutrition, unhealthy food and several lifestyle choices is an important risk factor for development of diseases. We can not avoid stress completely but we can at least fight it by giving your body what it needs!

4. Have chronic diseases

The DNA test Baby is not intended for treatment of diseases. But as nutrition and lifestyle choices account for 80% of disease development, you should never neglect this side of your child’s life. Find out what your child truly needs with DNA test Baby!

5. Have diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular and bone diseases in the family and ancestral line

If your family members had problems with health it is an important sign that your child might have inherited their traits as well. You should learn about that as soon as possible so that you can take timely preventive measures.

6. Cannot find the answer as to why their child is not feeling well or does not have enough energy to tackle their daily tasks

Our body is so complex it would take years of trials and mistrials to discover it’s actual needs. Why suffer the side-effects of that when you could have the answers to your child’s successful lifestyle and nutrition right now?

Provide your child a healthy lifestyle now!

Tailor your child’s nutrition and lifestyle to the inherited genetic makeup with a simple DNA test. Improve his or hers well-being, energy, metabolism and avoid diseases that can be prevented in more than 80% of the cases!

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