With the introduction of our online DNA test reports, we have discontinued the printed version. With that we were able to lower our prices by up to 25% (our most popular service DNA tests Premium+Slim is now only 299 EUR instead of 399 EUR). We will be updating the website content where it applies to the printed version soon. Please see how we will deliver your results here.

DNA test Premium + Slim

Lose weight with DNA test Slim first and then continue with a healthy preventive lifestyle according to DNA test Premium!

  • The most extensive and comprehensive genetic analysis
  • Save by ordering both DNA tests Premium & Slim in this bundle
  • Get fit and continue to maintain desired body weight while living healthy

Start your healthy makeover now!

This bundle includes DNA tests Premium and Slim and is suitable for those who have decided to change their life for the better.

DNA test Slim for weight loss will provide you with menus and shopping cart, tailored to your genes and help you reach a slim and healthy figure! Works even for those who in the past have not had success with popular diets and other weight management plans. A detailed description of DNA test Slim >>

When you reach your desired weight, it is best to start by protecting your health. DNA test Premium will reveal your body’s needs for vitamins and minerals and analyze risk factors that are responsible for the development of more than 80% of premature diseases. The dietary and other recommendations will improve your well being and protect your health. A detailed description of the DNA test Premium >>

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