With the introduction of our online DNA test reports, we have discontinued the printed version. With that we were able to lower our prices by up to 25% (our most popular service DNA tests Premium+Slim is now only 299 EUR instead of 399 EUR). We will be updating the website content where it applies to the printed version soon. Please see how we will deliver your results here.

DNA test Slim for effective weight loss

Weight loss diet tailored to your DNA with genetic analysis!

  • DNA test Slim will reveal your body's true needs on more than 30 pages about you
  • No more trials - let a simple DNA testing choose the right diet for your body
  • Because genetics makes a 40 to 70% contribution to the development of obesity
  • Easy to use and fully comprehensive healthy weight loss diet plan with menus

Order your DNA test Slim and start your weight loss diet plan today!

229€ Plans & Pricing

Beautiful design and easy to use

Your DNA test report comes in a beautiful designed booklet with a content that is easy to understand and use. Now you can keep your guide with you everywhere you go!

Simple DNA testing procedure

The DNA testing is easy and painless. LifeGenetics genetic analysis only requires a sample of your swab using a DNA collection kit.

No success with previous weight loss diets?

Then you are in the right place! Everyone can lose weight successfully by following the instructions written in their DNA.

All in one DNA test

DNA test report includes all you need to know for a successful weight loss diet. Our scientists have made it suitable for complete beginners and for those who have tried many other diets before.

Lose from 1,1 to 1,5 lbs per week with the LifeGenetics DNA diet method!

DNA test Slim is a story about your body’s specific needs. The way you metabolise certain foods and nutrients is written in your DNA. That is why excess body weight is the result of metabolic changes to fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, which are usually accompanied by an unhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition. Each person is unique and requires different combinations of nutrients in order to function effectively. While we can’t change our genes but we can adapt to them with a new lifestyle and weight loss diet plan.

What will you get by ordering your DNA test Slim for personalized weight loss diet?

A fully comprehensive DNA analysis report with a beautiful design, containing your healthy and permanent weight loss diet plan on more than 30 pages, personalized to your DNA and other factors. Learn all about the DNA test Slim and what it contains below!

1. The presentation of analysed genes by the DNA test Slim.

Get to know your true heritage.

DNA test Slim analyzes genes that are variously associated with the need for nutrients and their metabolism, and consequently affect your weight. These are the genes that affect:

  • Energy consumption
  • Fat metabolism
  • Insulin excretion
  • Body fat accumulation
  • Carbohydrate metabolism
  • Obesity
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • and the importance of physical activity in weight loss

Within the scope of the DNA test Slim, after we have completed the genetic analysis, our experts will be available to provide advice and support to help you take your first step towards a healthy and quality lifestyle and successful weight-loss.

Gene based weight loss gives 2-3 times better results

Research conducted at the world-renowned Stanford University, USA, has shown that we can lose 2-3 times more weight with a gene-based DNA diet compared to a traditional diet.

The study involved 101 women. Women who participated in the study were assigned to four different diets over a one year period: very low-carbohydrate, low-carbohydrate/high-protein, low-fat and very-low-fat diets. Subsequently, a genetic analysis was conducted and the women were divided into three groups according to genotype (low carbohydrate diet responsive genotype (45%), low fat diet responsive genotype (39%) and balanced diet responsive genotype). The study found that those on a diet which matched their genotype lost 2-3 times more weight over 12 months compared with those on the “wrong” diet.

2. Action plan that will allow you to use your given genetic profile to your advantage.

It is not just a DNA analysis but also an action plan on how to use your given genetic profile to your advantage

In addition to the routine genetic analysis, DNA test Slim also provides a plan for the next step towards starting a healthy weight loss diet program. In the Action plan you will learn about the nutritional type you belong to (Mediterranean, Fitness, High-Fat or Low-Fat nutrigenomic type), your recommended daily nutrient intakes and how to combine a healthy weight loss diet with moderate exercise that will enable you to achieve the desired results.

The action plan also takes into account environmental factors, especially your current fitness level and body mass index (BMI), which enable a comprehensive understanding of how your body functions and the preparation of quality and personalized recommendations for healthy weight loss diet.

Why is DNA testing so successful for weight loss?

The study on the Stanford University in USA has shown that it is extremely important for successful weight loss to know the right amounts and ratios of macronutrients in your daily nutritional intake. Therefore knowing how many carbohydrates, proteins, saturated fats and unsaturated fats you should eat daily plays the most important role in your weight loss.  The DNA test Slim determines that for your body by defining your weight loss nutritional type (Mediterranean, Fitness, High-Fat or Low-Fat nutrigenomic nutritional type).

Despite trying many diets, none worked for long term weight control: Of course I tried a number of different diets over the years, but every diet ended in a similar way. Some did not work, although I did try and persevere; some of them I gave up after a few weeks because they were too exhausting and stressful, which was reflected in both rehearsal and performance, as well as work and school activities. To me, weight loss became a vicious circle; initially I lost a few pounds and then stopped only to regain the weight I had lost.

I came across DNA test Slim while looking for a healthy weight loss solution without starving and long-term dieting. I needed something practical and easy, something that would gradually bring lasting results.

Slim has surprised me in a positive way! I received many useful and practical nutrition tips. The nutrition guide is written in a very understandable and practical way, which keeps me motivated to continue using it. I really don’t feel like I am on a strict diet, or that I am missing something.

Today I feel great. I lost 21 pounds in two months and look forward to even better results!

*This is a customer’s testimonial and results can vary for each individual.

Sara, a young dancer

Genetics makes a 40 to 70% contribution to the development of obesity!

Irregularities in fat metabolism and their accumulation can lead to obesity, which can cause the onset of type two diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated blood lipid levels and cardiovascular diseases. Genes that can influence obesity also regulate food intake (appetite), the basal metabolic rate (amount of energy required to maintain vital functions in an organism at complete rest), heat generation, fat cell differentiation, fat storage and carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Studies including both identical and fraternal twins suggest that genetic factors explain 60-70 percent of the variance of these properties. Other types of research involving humans and animals have shown slightly lower values, although they still attribute a high percentage (40 to 50 percent) to genetic influence. When making recommendations, LifeGenetics Slim takes into account both genetics and lifestyle factors and, among other things, analyzes one of the genes that affect a person’s likelihood of becoming obese. 

Start your personalized weight loss DNA diet now!

229€ Plans & Pricing

3. Daily menu samples and shopping list tailored to the results of your DNA test.

Your weight loss diet plan simplified

Your personalised DNA diet report comes with examples of daily menus you should eat. We even took it a step further: we have prepared a shopping list for you! With the shopping list you have everything you need to start your weight loss diet plan.

Many alternatives

The menus can also be easily tailored to your specific food preferences with included lists of alternatives. The alternatives are categorized in food groups, such as fruits, vegetables, carbs and others so that you have a very easy job of personalizing your menus.

4. A practical system for the preparation and daily use of a personalized menu.

No more questions about what and when you should eat. Our unique and proprietary system for the preparation of a personalized menu is a tool you will not find anywhere else!

Presented in a user friendly format it is based on the logical frame of reference for serving size (piece, cup, spoon, etc…) and food groups (fruits, vegetables, starch foods, meat, dairy products, fats and sugar) that will facilitate its daily use. In addition to practical sample menus, you will also receive portion control guidelines and a dietary exchange system (food alternatives). All menus and recommended nutrient intakes are adapted to your genetic test results and are therefore completely personalized.

Plan your dieting menus like a PRO!

Are you tired of websites and magazines with general recommendations that differ so significantly you do not even know where to start? Our menus and weight loss menu planning system is so simple that even beginners with no nutritional knowledge can use it.

5. What type of exercise suits your genetic profile?

A carefully chosen exercise program can greatly help in weight loss and accelerate the ‘’melting’’ of pounds; however, it is very important to choose the right type of exercise.

General recommendations on how to lose weight the healthy way suggest aerobic exercise in combination with a prudent diet, which accelerates fat burning and consequently facilitates weight loss. However, some people have the gene where physical activity does not help them lose weight!

Approximately 20% of the population does not get any significant aerobic fitness benefit from regular exercise, according to an international study led by scientists at the University of London. Millions of people who strive to keep fit and lose weight by jogging, swimming or going to the gym are wasting their time. Researchers have discovered that the health benefits of aerobic exercise are determined by our genes.

For these people, regular aerobic exercise will do little to ward off conditions like heart disease and diabetes which aerobic exercise is generally thought to resist.

DNA test Slim analyzes and interprets these genes, so you will know exactly what kind of physical activity suits you best.

Some people can eat fat and lose weight!

As an example, consider the APOA5 gene, which has been shown to be involved in fat metabolism. More than 10% of the population carries the particular APOA5 gene variant that allows people to enjoy fatty foods without damaging their health. People who eat high fat foods are three times more likely to be obese, compared with those who do not have this version of the gene.

Fat metabolism is a very complex process, involving a lot of genetic variants. In the DNA test Slim we determine how an individual metabolizes some types of fatty acids, how fats are stored in the body, released, etc. A more appropriate weight loss diet and adequate physical exercise can help reduce body fat percentage and contribute to better health.

DNA test Slim also analyzes the genes associated with fat metabolism.

Who will benefit from the DNA test Slim?

The DNA testing for weight loss diet is intended for individuals who:

1. Want a successful and healthy weight loss diet plan

The LifeGenetics weight management method is based on a healthy and balanced nutrition and does not inflict stress on your body.

2. Had no success with general or popular diets

General and popular weight loss diets do not consider your individual characteristics and especially your genetic makeup, that accounts for up to 70% of your weight loss success.

3. Want to lose weight by gradually changing their lifestyle

We know that your food preferences differ from other people and how hard it is to change them. So why should you? LifeGenetics method gives you plenty of food alternatives so that you can eat the way you are used to – only now, you will eat in right amounts, ratios, time of day etc.

4. PARTICULARLY for those who want to lose weight but do not know where to start

The Slim report is designed to present the most important aspects of healthy weight loss diet including general recommendations for beginners.

5. Mothers, who after giving birth (and finish breastfeeding)

struggle with excess pounds and seek an effective weight loss diet plan to help them lose weight in an appropriate and progressive way.

6. Do not have time to waste

We know how busy and stressful your lifestyle is. Therefore we developed our system is such a simple way that even without any nutritional knowledge you will be able to create your own personalized weight loss menus like you were a nutritional expert.

7. Want to understand their bodies’ specific needs

Your body is so complex it would take years of trials and mistrials to discover it’s actual needs. Why suffer the side-effects of that when you could have the answers to your successful weight loss right now?

8. Seek a simple and practical weight-loss diet menu planning system

Are you tired of websites and magazines with general recommendations that differ so significantly you do not even know where to start? Our menus and weight loss menu planning system is so simple that even beginners with no nutritional knowledge can use it.

9. Wish to know their muscuar potential.

Choosing the right physical activity is not only vital for your weight loss success but also for your motivation! Your personal DNA analysis reveals your true muscle potential – anaerobic (gym, …) or aerobic (jogging, …).

10. Gained back the weight lost with a regular diet (the yo-yo effect)

DNA test Slim discovers your actual body’s nutritional needs – therefore you will not lack any nutrients that usually lead to constant hunger, cravings and consequentially the yo-yo effect.

Start your personalized weight loss DNA diet now!

Order your DNA test Slim and start losing weight YOUR way

With the help of genetic analysis you will learn your body’s true needs and therefore lose weight with confidence. Discover your nutritional type and start losing up to 1,5 Lbs per week with our fully personalized menus, tailored to your DNA!

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