General Terms of Business

These General Terms of Business (hereafter: “GT“) represent the general contractual terms of Genelitik, genetske storitve d.o.o., Pot k Sejmišču 26A, 1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče, Slovenia (hereafter: “Genelitik“). These GT shall apply in all cases where Genelitik delivers goods or provides services to its customers, buyers or subscribers.

These GT are published on the website of Genelitik ( and therefore it will be assumed that anyone who enters into a contractual relationship with Genelitik is fully acquainted with their content.

  1. 1.        Definition of Terms

For the purposes of these GT, the following terms and definitions will apply:

Anonymous Data” represents data through which the identity of a person cannot be determined (Data on Personal Characteristics, Data on Personal Characteristics including Genetic Data, or solely Genetic Data).

Genetic Material” represents the saliva, blood, hair or other tissue containing DNA which is appropriate for analysis.

Genetic Data” represents the laboratory analysis results, namely data on SNP variants.

Genetic Testing” means the procedure through which hereditary disease can be predicted or which can allow determination of the gene responsible for disease, genetic tendency or susceptibility for disease.

Sensitive Personal Data” represents all data about racial, ethnical or national origin, medical status, sex life, and biometric features, if their processing can lead into a determination of an individual.

Data on Personal Charateristics” represents data on the psychophysical charateristics of an individual.

Purchase” means the purchase of Genelitik Services by the Buyer, normally made through the Genelitik website.

Buyer” means any person whatsoever who concludes an Agreement for the Purchase/Provision of Services with Genelitik.

Payment in Instalments” means the payment of Services in instalments, which can be offered at the discretion of Genelitik pursuant to these GT.

Personal Data” represents the data deemed personal data according to the act regulating personal data protection, including Sensitive Personal Data.

Agreement” means the agreement pursuant to which a Buyer purchases any services of Genelitik. The Agreement is concluded through the website of Genelitik or in any other manner offered by Genelitik.

Registration” is the registration process performed via the website of Genelitik where the Tested Person provides Genelitik with the serial number of the Collection Kit and other data requested by Genelitik through the designated web form. Registration can also be conducted through a printed questionnaire forwarded by Genelitik to the Tested Person.

Services” means all services offered by Genelitik, irrespective of whether such services are Genetic Testing services, services relating to the supply of dietary supplements or other services offered by Genelitik, which mainly include the following products: LifeGenetics Premium, LifeGenetics Slim, LifeGenetics Baby, LifeGenetics Nutri, as well as all other products offered by Genelitik.

Tested Person” means the person on which Genetic Testing is performed.

Collection Kit” means the kit for collection and preservation of biologic material.

  1. 2.        General

In addition to valid legal regulations, the relationship between Genelitik and the Buyer shall be subject to the Agreement, which also includes these GT, as well as the valid pricelist containing the list of valid fees for Services.

These GT apply to all Genelitik Services ordered by a Buyer, irrespective of whether such Services consist of Genetic Testing services, services relating to the supply of dietary supplements or other Services offered by Genelitik.

New Services of Genelitik shall be communicated over Genelitik’s website, information portals, marketing media or any other appropriate means. Genelitik may change its range of Services by including new Services or discontinuing certain Services.

Genelitik will provide pricelists with descriptions of Services. In the pricelist the prices for Genelitik services will be specified, as well any discounts and prices for various target groups.

By Purchasing Services, the Buyer confirms that they are familiar with the contents of the Agreement and of these GT and it is deemed that they consent to these GT, the applicable pricelist, the description of Services and to other Appendixes to the Agreement and that they accept all obligations arising therefrom.

Genelitik shall be bound only by its expressly confirmed declarations given in writing or in any other manner equal to a written statement in accordance with Slovenian law. Any promises, offers or declarations made by any third persons, even if such third persons are contracting partners of Genelitik, shall not be binding upon Genelitik.

When Purchasing Services, or when completing Registration, the Buyer and Tested Person may opt to receive e-mail newsletters from Genelitik.

  1. 3.        Execution of an Agreement, Order and Registration

Genelitik explicitly asserts that offers, advertising campaigns and other messages, published by Genelitik in any medium whatsoever, or which may in any way come to the attention of the Buyer, must not be understood as offers, but instead such messages merely represent invitations to place offers. Any messages, even if they are marked with the word “offer” or its derivatives or with any other similar wording with the same meaning, only represent an invitation to place an offer and shall not be binding upon Genelitik.

Any person who fulfils the following conditions can beBuyer of Genelitik:

In order to place an order for any Services of Genelitik, the Buyer shall make a Purchase, normally through the website of Genelitik (or through a person authorized by Genelitik). The Buyer shall complete the Purchase by filling in the required data at the Genelitik website, selecting the desired Service and submitting the Purchase. The Purchase shall then be deemed a valid offer by Genelitik for the conclusion of an Agreement.  Genelitik (or a person authorised by Genelitik) shall in an appropriate timeframe issue an Invoice to the Buyer. By issuing the invoice, the Agreement for delivery or performance of Services is deemed concluded. Any oral agreements or amendments to the Agreement shall not be valid.

In case of Purchases of Services, which include for instance solely the delivery of certain goods offered by Genelitik (such as dietary supplements or other similar goods), the Buyer shall, in accordance with Point 5 of these GT, settle the Invoice within the given payment terms and Genelitik shall deliver such goods to the Buyer in a further timeframe of 10 days (unless Genelitik specifies different delivery terms or a different delivery timeframe on the Invoice, on the accompanying letter or through any other appropriate means). Genelitik shall deliver such Goods to the Address specified by the Buyer in the Purchase.

In case of Purchase of Services that include Genetic Testing, Genelitik shall, along with the Invoice for the Performance of Services, deliver to the Buyer (or to the Tested Person, if the Buyer and Tested Person are not the same), at the address, specified by the Buyer, the Collection Kit with the appropriate instructions. The Collection Kit is and shall remain the sole property of Genelitik (unless the Buyer purchased such Collection Kit through a business partner of Genelitik). Upon receipt of the Collection Kit, the Tested Person shall Register the sample. Genelitik stresses that Registration of the sample is a prerequisite for the performance of Genetic Testing. If the Tested Person fails to Register, Genelitik cannot perform Genetic Testing, and in such cases Genelitik reserves the right not to perform Genetic Testing. After sample Registration, during which, inter alia, the Tested Person shall create an account on the Genelitik website, agree with these GT, enter the code from the Collection Kit in the provided field and provide the Personal Data required by the web form, the Tested Person shall at his or her own costs return the Collection Kit to the address of Genelitik. The Buyer and/or the Tested Person understand and agree that the sampling of Genetic Material is not part of Genelitik’s Services (sampling of Genetic Material is performed by the Tested Person on their own), and as a result, Genelitik is not responsible for the taking/sampling of Genetic Material. Upon receipt of all data requested by the web form during Registration and after Genelitik receives the Collection Kit by Tested Person, Genetic Testing is deemed to have commenced and shall take between six (6) to ten (10) weeks. The Tested Person shall perform the Registration and return the Collection Kit to Genelitik within nine (9) months of the Purchase, otherwise Genelitik shall not be bound to perform the Genetic Testing or perform other Services, while the Buyer will not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid.

Genelitik hereby asserts that Services are only delivered to the country where the Purchase was performed. In case the country provided by the Buyer when making the Purchase, and the country provided by the Tested Person when Registering the sample differ, Genelitik reserves the right to deny delivery to the country indicated by the Tested Person in the sample Registration.

Genelitik may reject the Buyer’s offer or withdraw from the Agreement (upon which Genelitik has no obligation to refund any monies already paid by the Buyer) if it determines that the Buyer and/or the Tested Person acted in violation of the Agreement or these GT, if it breached the Agreement or applicable law, and particularly in the following cases:

  1. 4.        Extent of Genelitik’s Services, Obligations and Conditions of Use with regard to the Genetic Testing

When Purchasing or Registering, Genelitik shall explain to the Buyer and/or to the Tested Person the process of preparing genetic analyses, protecting the Buyer’s and Tested Person’s data, methods of preparing reports, using online services and shall answer other questions relating to Genelitik’s Services.

The Buyer and/or the Tested Person are obligated to use Genelitik’s Services and the contents provided by Genelitik in accordance with Genelitik’s instructions. The Buyer and/or the Tested Person does not acquire any copyright or other rights to the contents provided by Genelitik or by its contractual partners.

Genelitik hereby stresses that their Services are intended to be used by healthy individuals. Persons with any kind of health problems are strongly advised that prior Purchase and Registration consult with their doctor about possible risks and side effects.  “LifeGenetics Slim” is not appropriate for children, under-aged persons, pregnant women, nursing mothers, patients with diabetes and persons with thyroid problems.

Genelitik’s genetic reports are based on laboratory reports of Genetic Material performed by renowned domestic and foreign laboratories and on the basis of Personal Characteristics and other provided data. Genelitik receives from its contractual laboratories Genetic Data, i.e. data on SNP variants in electronic format, where depending on the Service performed, the number of analysed SNPs may exceed 600,000. With the received Data on Personal Characteristics of the Buyer or the Tested Person, Genelitik can improve its results, and at the same time, in order to help understand them better, provide a comparison with the data of similar persons.  Some Services only require the analysis of a few SNPs, while others may require the analysis of over 600,000 SNPs, which in such cases results in a more complex analysis.

Genelitik cooperates with renowned laboratories for performance of genetic analysis and performs procedures to achieve the highest level of quality of Services. Due to the complexity of analysis, the quality of the DNA sample provided by the Buyer and/or by the Tested Person to Genelitik is of the utmost importance. If the genetic material has not been collected properly, the analysis may not show the sought variants in some genes. The reason of the inability to determine variants in some genes can also be that the Buyer and/or the Tested Person has some mutations in the vicinity of the position in the gene, analyzed by Genelitik. In such case, the determination of the variant is not possible.

If it becomes evident that the missing data might affect the service quality, Genelitik may repeat the analysis on the second DNA sample of the Buyer or Tested Person. In case of a minor impact on the analysed area, Genelitik reserves the right not to repeat the procedure. Genelitik repeats the analysis a maximum of one time, additional repetitions are conducted upon Buyer or Tested Person’s request and at Buyer or Tested Person’s own costs. Buyer and/or the Tested Person are deemed to agree with all the conditions pertaining to the Genetic Testing, with which they agreed when making Registration.

The presence or absence of different SNP variants in the Genetic Material may have an impact on different responses to different ingested food substances and on different Characteristics of an individual, such as their lifestyle, general health conditions and consequently potential likelihood for developing diseases. Genelitik interprets the findings on variants of the Genetic Material of the Tested Person on the basis of the most relevant and state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, publications and research studies, and summarizes them into reports, which vary with regards to the Service ordered by the Buyer. As for variants of SNPs for which relevant surveys and findings do not exist, Genelitik does not interpret them.

The Buyer and the Tested Person are aware that the results and interpretations of the Genetic Testing may cause negative emotional reactions of the Buyer or of the Tested Person. Interpretations may in some persons cause negative emotional reactions. We advise that persons with diagnosed emotional and mental disorders consult their doctor or other professional before Purchasing or Registering.

The Buyer and/or the Tested Person is fully aware of the potential consequences of the Genetic Testing and with full awareness agrees that Genelitik is not responsible for any such consequences.

Genelitik performs Genetic Testing solely according to Slovenian law, regardless of where the Buyer performed the Purchase or where the Tested Person performed Registration.

  1. 5.        Invoice for the Services Performed and Payment

Genelitik shall issue the Buyer an invoice for the purchased Services. Basic and other (additional) Services shall be charged according to the valid pricelist. The Buyer shall settle the invoice within 8 days of its receipt. Until the Buyer has not settled the invoice, Genelitik is not bound to deliver the goods or perform the Services.

The Buyer shall compensate Genelitik for any costs incurred in reminding the Buyer of unsettled liabilities or in their recovery.

If the Buyer settles an invoice issued by an authorized representative of Genelitik, the invoice of the representative shall be deemed the invoice of Genelitik. When appropriate, Genelitik may require the Buyer and/or Tested Person to present the invoice issued by the representative and/or the payment confirmation of any such invoice.

The Buyer may object in writing to any invoice issued by Genelitik within 15 days of its receipt; any objections should be sent via registered post to Genelitik’s Customer Service department. Genelitik shall respond to each written complaint within 8 days. Filing a complaint does not suspend the obligation to pay the invoice by its due date. The Genelitik Customer Service department shall decide the complaint. Until any such decision, Genelitik shall continue providing the Services. In case the objection is found justified, Genelitik will refund any overpayment. Overpayments are generally settled so that Genelitik grants the Buyer a credit note to be used when making further Purchases. In cases of unjustified objections, Genelitik reserves the right to charge the Buyer any complaints costs according to the valid pricelist of Genelitik.

The Buyer is obligated to ensure accurate payment with the provision of the payment particulars. If the Buyer fails to settle its due liabilities, Genelitik shall send a written reminder requesting payment within the timeframe set in the notice.  In cases of delay in payment, the Buyer shall, besides the principal amount, settle the default interest and any additional costs.

  1. 6.        Payment in Instalments

Genelitik is not obliged to offer any Buyer the possibility of payment in instalments; instead, it can choose to do so based on its own discretion.

In case Genelitik approves the Buyer’s request to pay in instalments, the Buyer shall comply with its obligations in a timely fashion.

In case Genelitik approved the Buyer payment in instalments pertaining to Services which have already been fully delivered or provided by Genelitik to the Buyer or to the Tested Person prior to the settlement of all due liabilities, it shall be deemed that in case the Buyer is in arrears with the payment of any single instalment for more than 15 days, the whole liability, including all future instalments, shall fall due, irrespective of the number of future instalments or the duration of the Agreement. In such cases, Genelitik may recover the entire liability from the Buyer immediately after it falls due.

In case of the purchase of Services to be delivered by Genelitik over a longer period of time or at regular intervals (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually), it shall be deemed that Genelitik is entitled to withdraw from deliveries or from performing Services if the Buyer is in arrears with the payment of any single instalment for more than 15 days. In such cases Genelitik may charge the Buyer the contractual penalty specified in the Agreement.

  1. 7.        Limitation of Liability

Genetic Testing and all accompanying recommendations and conclusions are no substitute for medical diagnosis, medical treatment, medical recommendations and visits to other official medical institutions and their recommendations with regard to the use of medicines, nutrition, lifestyle and the methods of treatment. Genelitik’s Services are of an informative nature only, and provide individualized information on genetic characteristics that may serve preventive purposes and ensure timely visits as well as seeking recommendations from one’s personal doctor. Genelitik and its partners are not obligated to provide medical treatment, medical advice or other medical services or to perform other services not explicitly agreed in the Agreement or anticipated in these GT.

In no case shall Genelitik be responsible for after-sales services or products (such as wellness programs, weight loss programs, purchase of dietary products, and similar) the Buyer or the Tested Person purchase from other partner or non-partner companies of Genelitik, regardless of whether the purchase of such products is a consequence of the Services offered by Genelitik. Genelitik is not responsible for potential breaches of authorship or other rights by external service providers. Partners of Genelitik (doctors, pharmacies, medical institutions, etc.), where the Services of Genelitik might be ordered, purchased or acquired do not assume any liability for the Services of Genelitik. Genelitik disclaims any responsibility for illegal, inappropriate or other improper behaviour of its partners or any third persons presenting themselves as partners of Genelitik. Genelitik advises its Buyers and Tested Persons to check the credibility of the institution where they intend to order Genelitik’s Services. Genelitik offers no warranty for its Services.

Genelitik cannot ensure that when performing the Genetic Testing, no complications will arise that could result in contamination of the Genetic Material. Genelitik is not responsible for any such contamination, and if such contamination is determined, Genelitik may repeat the Genetic Testing free of charge. Contamination of the Genetic Material has no adverse impact on the Buyer and/or the Tested Person or on their health. The Tested Person is deemed to agree with all the conditions pertaining to the Genetic Testing, which he or she agreed to when Registering.

Any potential liability of Genelitik for damages arising from an individual Agreement is limited to the amount paid by the Buyer pursuant to the Agreement. Genelitik is not liable for and explicitly disclaims any liability for any loss or damages arising from natural catastrophes, war, terrorism, riots, strikes, vandalism, acts or omissions of public institutions or any other acts outside the influence of Genelitik.

  1. 8.        Obligation to Inform

The Buyer and/or the Tested Person shall, at any time during the period for which the contractual relationship is in place, inform Genelitik in writing within five days of any changes in data that might be relevant for the Purchase of Services or for performance of Genetic Testing; this may include, inter alia, especially any change to the name, firm, designation in business records, changes of address, headquarters, bank account, employment, registration number, etc.

The Buyer and/or Tested Person shall provide documentation from which the new data provided is evident.

If the Buyer and/or Tested Person fail to inform Genelitik of any changes to data, invoices and other information sent to the Buyer and/or to the Tested Person to the address provided when performing the Purchase or the Registration shall be deemed received.

  1. 9.        Collection and Processing Personal Data

By concluding the Agreement, the Buyer and/or the Tested Person agrees that their Personal Data (including Sensitive Personal Data) shall be collected and processed by Genelitik for the purposes of performing the Services and other purposes according to these GT and the Agreement. Genelitik may transfer such personal data to any third person for processing. The Buyer and/or Tested Person agree that Genelitik may export his or her Personal Data (including Sensitive Personal Data) to third countries (which are not necessary EU Countries) that may not provide the same level of personal data protection.

Personal Data of an individual with regard to the Purchase of Services are kept confidential by Genelitik.

Personal Data shall be collected, used and treated in accordance with the law and regulations governing personal data protection. Genelitik shall use and process such Personal Data solely for the purposes of smooth performance of the Agreement and the business relationship and for market analysis aimed at improving the range of Services offered to Buyers and users.

Genelitik collects in particular the following Personal Data about the Buyer and/or the Tested Person:

Genelitik undertakes not to transfer Personal Data (including Sensitive Personal Data) about Personal Characteristics or Genetic Material to any third person without the Buyer’s and/or the Tested Person’s (if they are not the same) prior written consent, unless if this is necessary for performing the Services according to the Agreement, in accordance with the consensus of the Buyer and/or the tested Person according to paragraph one of this article, and in cases where such transfer is required for the successful performance of Services or in cases of a court order or order of another competent body.

Genelitik shall, upon receiving the Purchase or upon Registration and receipt of the Genetic Material, separate the Personal Data from other data and from the Genetic Material (anonymisation of Personal Data). Then it shall send the anonymised Genetic Material to the partner laboratory for analysis.

Genelitik may use Personal Data for research and development purposes and for research aimed at in any way improving the genetic services in cooperation with other partners, as well as for the publishing of articles, literature, statements or publications in any media whatsoever. Genelitik is at the same time the sole proprietor of any authorship, copyright, intellectual property or other rights from those or any other legal titles, without any compensation, payments or obligations due to the Buyer or the Tested Person..

In accordance with the decision and agreement of the Tested Person at the time of Registration, Genelitik may use the anonymised Genetic Material (buccal swab sample) of the tested Person for research and development purposes and for research aimed at in any way improving the Services. Genelitik may authorise any other third natural or legal persons or institutions engaged in research to access the anonymised Genetic Material. The Tested Person may at any time in the future revoke such consent at no cost; in such case Genelitik is obliged to shall destroy such Genetic Material within fifteen (15) days. Such revocation shall not impact research already performed on the Genetic Material of the Tested Person at the time when such consent was in place. If the Tested Person does not agree with such use of the Genetic Material when Registering, Genelitik shall destroy such material as soon as the genetic testing or laboratory analysis is performed.

Consenting to use of the Genetic Material of the Tested Person for research purposes is not a condition for Genelitik performing the Services; the Tested Person may thus decline such use at any time.

The Buyer and/or the Tested Person may at any time demand from Genelitik information pertaining to the collected Personal data, examination of the Personal Data, and changes or the deletion of any Personal Data, including the results of Genetic Analysis.

  1. 10.     Disagreements and Dispute Resolution

The Buyer has the right to object to any decision or action of Genelitik with regards to access and performance of the Services within 15 days from becoming aware of such decision or action of Genelitik. Such objection shall be filed via registered mail addressed to the Customer Service department of Genelitik. Genelitik shall respond within eight (8) days.

Both parties shall attempt to resolve all disputes relating to or arising from these GT or from the Agreement, concluded between Genelitik and the Buyer or the Tested Person through a mutual agreement between the parties. In case an amicable solution cannot be reached, the parties agree for the competence of the court according to the seat of Genelitik at the time in question.

  1. 11.     Final Provisions

These GT for Genelitik’s Services have the character of an agreement and form part of the Agreement concluded by the Buyer and/or the Tested Person in writing or by placing an order through the website of Genelitik, by Registering or in any other way offered by Genelitik at the time in question. Genelitik may, in accordance with the relevant legislation or its business policy, amend these GT and inform Buyers and Tested Persons beforehand.

These GT are subject to Slovenian law. These GT have been drawn up in the English language. In order to facilitate use for Buyers and Tested Persons, these GT contain translations into various languages. In case of discrepancies and/or disputes with regards to their interpretation, the English version shall prevail.

In case a provision of these GT is or shall become invalid, ineffective or impossible to implement, this shall not impact the validity, effectiveness, or implementation of other provisions of these GT. In such case it shall be deemed that the parties have agreed to valid, effective and enforceable provisions that are, pursuant to their intent and effect, closest to the provision that is invalid, ineffective or impossible to implement.

Headings of the articles in these GT are meant for reference only and have no impact on their meaning or interpretation.

These GT shall come into effect on the day they are adopted by Genelitik and published on the Genelitik website. With the publication of these GT, every person entering into a contractual relationship with Genelitik shall be deemed fully acquainted with their contents, irrespective of the fact whether such agreement is concluded in a hard copy, by the use of the web order form or in any other way offered by Genelitik at the given time.

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Quality assurance

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